Setting The Standard for Aerial Imaging Equipment

Providing Services For All of Your Imaging Needs

Welcome to UAV Mobile Station!  Headquartered in Asheboro, North Carolina, we are a leading manufacturer of high-performance custom UAV mobile workstations. We specialize in professional mobile studios for video & imaging editing, orthomosaic mapping processing, agricultural analysis, and scientific research. 
We are FAA 107 certified and come from diverse backgrounds in various UAV disciplines within the UAV work environment, which gives us a unique understanding of what professional operators need from their workstations. We are dedicated to offering the finest solutions to UAV professionals.  
UAV Mobile Station also provides photo & video services to those who are not in the UAV field, but are still looking to enjoy its benefits. With backgrounds in both photojournalism and portrait photography, UAV Mobile Station has a team ready to provide you with high resolution aerial photos & 4K video


  1. Industry Specialists
    Have your mobile station designed by professionals in the UAV and Drone Industry. Our team is FAA 107 Certified to serve you better
  2. We Care About Your Business
    We take a sincere interest in helping our client’s company reach their maximum potential.
  3. We Are Committed To Quality
    We do not settle for anything but the best.
  4. We Deliver On Time
    We know time is money so we set realistic timelines for our clients and ourselves.