Mobile Stations

​    Every station delivers the best experience because our UAV mobile stations are designed by industry professional. The station is optimized to provide the user with enough work area to complete their projects and also keeping the trailer size small enough that it can be towed by a small SUV.     

Size: 12’ x 6’ x 6.5’
Weight:  2900lbs
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What our Mobile Stations Offer

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UAV Mobile Stations is the perfect addition to your drone equipment. With livestream capabilities via mifi or satellite along with workspace for a pilot camera operator and mission coordinator, a UAV Mobile Station provides quick and easy communication and workflow
Work day or night under a lighted and air-conditioned environment. The workbenches are framed and made with top-quality materials. They’ll stand up to whatever you throw at them.
Look professional with a mobile station equipped with all the tools you need. Takeoff FPV using an HD TV screen inside the station, then process your aerial data on a high-end desktop immediately.
Fly longer distance while still in line of sight with antenna boosters along the outside of your UAV Mobile Station. Pilot deck allows the drone operator to feed information inside the trailer while still viewing camera operations on an outside monitor

What Can A UAV Station be Used For?

•  Fire/Police Departments: Our stations have proven themselves in the municipal field of fire and police departments ranging from uses in survelliance and perimeter checks to search and rescue operations. UAV Mobile Stations offer a private quarter for personell to fly FPV in order to clearly monitor flight footage on 32" screens and have the workspace to successfully conduct these operations.

•   Mapping/Inspection: Manage and analyze your data of rooftop inspections, 3D mapping, construction zones, etc with a Mobile Station that is ideal for flying long range while viewing the footage from the comfort of a mobile office. Process and edit photos and video on the spot to ensure all areas were covered and are accurate.

Photo/Video Production: Whether shooting for a commercial, short film, or a large production, UAV Mobile  Station allows videographers the opportunity to high speed process and edit footage taken right there on site. It can be hard to monitor your footage from a small tablet flying in the field, and getting the perfect shot becomes even more of a challenge. FLying FPV from inside a Mobile Station will ensure you know what you are looking at and that you get the perfect angle 

Model 1

Model 2

UAV Mobile Stations come in 2 base models with options for customization.
We understand that every field requires different needs and equiptment. That is why we are here to help! For quotes and pricing on any custom trailers, please give us a call at (336)-736-8515 or email us at

We would love to hear from you and help you build your perfect Mobile Station!

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